enrollment regulation

Enrollment Regulations

General Regulations

  1. Open University enrollment is possible if space is available. (Matriculated students have first priority on class spaces.)
  2. Instructor must sign your Open University Petition form indicating enrollment approval or approve via the Course Request email form.
  3. You must meet all of the class(es) prerequisites and you are expected to complete all class obligations.
  4. If you are considered a matriculated Cal Poly student, you may not enroll in classes through Open University.
  5. You must clear all Cal Poly registration HOLDS before you will be enrolled in your classes.
  6. If you have been dismissed or are subject to disqualification from Cal Poly, you must provide documentation from your college allowing enrollment through Open University.
  7. Grades will be assigned according to standards set forth in the University Catalog. Grade Option forms are available if you want to audit a class or take a class on a Credit/ No Credit basis. The instructor's signature is required for the class audit option. The form must be completed, signed and received by Cal Poly Extended Education prior to the deadline.
  8. Questions regarding grades, credit records or transcripts should be directed to the Records Office, Administration Building (Bldg. 1), Room 222, (805) 756-2531.
  9. Classes repeated through Open University are subject to the Cal Poly repeat rules and guidelines. The new grade will be recorded along with the prior grade.
  10. After you are enrolled in your classes by Extended Education, you will be emailed instructions on how to activate your Cal Poly portal. Activate your portal and follow payment instructions.
  11. A maximum of 36 quarter units of Open University credit and other extension credit may be applied towards a Cal Poly bachelor's degree. No more than 12-quarter units of approved Open University credit may be counted if taken prior to submission of a formal study plan for a graduate degree. Check with the appropriate department in order to determine the number of units acceptable. If credit is to be transferred to another university, verify that the courses and course units will be accepted by that institution. Units taken through Open University do not count towards units taken in residence.
  12. You may obtain a Cal Poly ID (PolyCard) after your registration is processed. There is a $5.00 fee.
  13. You may obtain access to the Recreation Center for an additional fee after your registration is processed. A Cal Poly ID card is required and you must be at least 16 years old.
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Withdrawl/Drop Policies

  1. All withdrawals or drops must be processed by Cal Poly Extended Education using the Cal Poly Extended Education Petition to Withdraw/Drop From a Class Form (available here online and at the Extended Education office).
  2. Do not withdraw or drop yourself from a class using the Cal Poly web portal as this will be an invalid withdrawal/drop. The instructor's signature or email approval is required. The approved withdrawal/drop form must be received by the Cal Poly Extended Education office no later than 4:30 pm on the last day of class.
  3. See http://www.summer.calpoly.edu/community/financial.html for more information.
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Refund and Fee Reversal Policies

Please see http://www.summer.calpoly.edu/community/financial.html