course request form

Course Request Form

Check Back Later for the Summer 2018 Open University Form.

Please use the form below to request permission from a professor to add a Cal Poly course for the Summer Term. Be sure that you have fulfilled any prerequisites before submitting a request. Prerequisite information can be found in the Course Catalog.

If you wish to enroll in more than one class, you must send a separate request for each one.


Download PDF here with detailed Instructions.

  1. Fill in your full name.
  2. Fill in your email address, so the professor can contact you.

  3. Fill in the appropriate course information for the course you are trying to add. Course information for the Summer Team can be found on PASS (Plan A Student Schedule).
    • Select the appropriate college/category on the drop-down list to bring up more options.
    • Select the course prefix AND fill in the course number. For online classes, the list contains already includes the course numbers.

  4. Fill in the professor's email address. You may search for their email on the drop-down list. For online classes, the email address will be filled in automatically. If the professor is not listed, is listed under a different college, or is not correct, you must type it in manually in the text field. Be sure the email ends in

  5. A message will be automatically generated for you. (Note: This message cannot be modified.)

  6. Additional Comments: Please use this pace to comment about specific course sections or to clarify prerequisites. If you have other concerns that are not covered by the default message, write them under additional comments.
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