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Robotics Engineering

Industrial Automation: PLC’s & Machine Vision

Instructor: Dr. Jose Macedo

This workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Programming Logic Controllers
  • Programming Timers, Counters and Motion
  • Introduction to Machine Vision
  • Grayscale Image Processing
  • Pattern Matching and Color Image Processing
  • System Integration

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Design of a Remote Control Quad-Copter with a Raspberry Pi-Based Imager Payload

Instructors: Dr. Bruce DeBruhl, Dr. Andrew Danowitz, Professor Jeremy Edmonds

This course will take students from a variety of backgrounds through the principles of autonomous navigation, control, and embedded systems through the magic of quad-copters! Each week, students will expand their engineering knowledge through a variety of hands-on projects, and will demonstrate their master of the material by programming and flying a quad-copter in a fun and safe environment!

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Embedded Systems and Robotics

Instructor: Dr. John Seng

This workshop will cover various aspects of basic robotic systems. We will use the ArdBot as a basic platform for development and projects. For control, we will utilize the Bumblebee, a Cal Polydesigned controller board that is Arduino pin compatible. Each day of the workshop will consist of a morning 2 hour session and an afternoon 3 hour session. The format will be a mixed lecture and lab environment.

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