summer financial information

Financial Information

Undergraduate Graduate
Fees are charged per unit $318 $349
Fee for late registration TBD TBD

For more detailed information on Cal Poly fees, please see this page.

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Summer Term Financial Aid

NEW this Summer Term, Financial Aid will be available for Summer Term enrollment. If you are a financial aid student, you will be notified of funding availability (if any) prior to the start of your summer session. Please check back for additional details.

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Summer Term Fee Refund Policy

  • You must drop all your classes including waitlisted classes before the term begins to have your charges fully reversed.
  • If you wait and drop all your classes, including those scheduled in different sessions, after the term begins or withdraw after add/drop, your fee charges will be prorated, meaning you will be charged for every day of enrollment, whether you attended classes or not. See the Fee Refund Policy for complete details.
  • All financial aid, including loans, is contingent upon class attendance. If you drop to zero units or reduce units below required unit levels, your financial aid award may be modified and you may be required to return aid refunded to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are responsible for all charges posted.
If a withdrawal request is received, you may still owe outstanding fees.
A drop by the add-drop date has no negative impact on your academic record.

Reference for information on how a class withdrawal may impact your academic records.

To withdraw, please contact the Office of the Registrar

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Visiting Students & Community Members

International Students on F-1 or J-1 visas will be enrolled in a campus health insurance plan. See for fee information.

Visiting students and non-Cal Poly students must register for Cal Poly Summer Term through Open University. For information, please visit the Open University information page.