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  • The 2020 summer schedule will be available on Schedule Builder on April 22, 2020. The colleges and departments need time to review their entire schedule in light of it moving to virtual. Visit Summer Planning Calendar

    Students will register and pay their fees using the same systems and process as with any other term.

    For more information about the registration process, please read the new Registration Procedures.

  • The start date the for 10 week, 8 week and first 5 week sessions is: 6/22/20. The start date for the second 5 week session is 7/27/20.

  • We have become aware of a rumor that is circulating among students about an 8 unit maximum for summer term sessions. This is not true. Summer Term has the same standard maximum of 22 units that you may register for during any term.

    However, because some summer sessions are short and intense (e.g. 5 weeks) you might not be able to schedule more than 6 or 10 units. This restriction is based on schedule availability and workload considerations that are under each student’s control.

  • All Summer Term classes and their GE areas will be listed in PASS when they are available. If you are looking for classes to meet General Education Requirements, check back for a list of courses that fit the different areas.

    GE Requirement Codes

    Requirements Code
    General Education Area A2 GEA2
    General Education Area A3 GEA3
    General Education Area B1 GEB1
    General Education Area B2 GEB2
    General Education Area B3 GEB3
    General Education Area B5 GEB5
    General Education Area B6 GEB6
    General Education Area B7 GEB7
    General Education Area C1 GEC1
    General Education Area C2 GEC2
    General Education Area C3 GEC3
    General Education Area C4 GEC4
    General Education Area D1 GED1
    General Education Area D2 GED2
    General Education Area D3 GED3
    General Education Area D4 GED4
    General Education Area D5 GED5
    General Education Area F GEF
    General Education Area B2 & B4 GEB2 & GEB4
    General Education Area B3 & B4 GEB3 & GEB4
    General Education Area C4 & USCP GEC4 & USCP
    General Education Area D1 & USCP GED1 & USCP
    General Education Area D4 & USCP GED4 & USCP
    General Education Area D5 & USCP GED5 & USCP
    United States Cultural Pluralism (Note: not a GE) USCP
  • Extended Education has always offered programs and courses in the summer that are not part of the regular schedule of classes, as authorized under Executive Order 1047. This will continue in Summer 2020. These programs include international experiences, off-campus internships, and other programs/classes that do not fit the standard summer term schedule. Registration for these programs and courses is handled through Extended Education and they will be listed on the Extended Education website. Fees vary by program.

  • Tell your department chair/head that you need that class. If enough students demonstrate interest and we have an instructor willing to lead it, we may be able to add it to the schedule.

  • About

  • Cal Poly's state funding enables the University to offer classes during fall, winter and spring. Summer Term is offered via a self-support model, a financial mechanism which allows the University to offer courses when there is insufficient state funding. Extended Education is authorized by the CSU to extend the University's offerings via self-support.

  • Self-support is a financial mechanism which allows Cal Poly and other CSU campuses to offer courses when there is no state funding. Continuing and Extended Education units are the entities authorized by the CSU to offer courses in self-support.

  • Financial

  • When courses are offered with state funding, a high percentage of the total costs, including faculty compensation, is paid through the state general fund. When a course is offered in self-support, there is no state funding at all. Therefore, fees must cover all direct and indirect expenses.

  • In recognition of recent events Cal Poly Extended Education has increased the grant aid available to needy students attending summer at least half-time (6 units). If you want to participate in our summer offerings, sign up. After 4/30 the Financial Aid Office will begin reviewing students for summer aid and will notify you of your aid award. No need to contact them - the review is automatic and while we can't give a grant to every student, if you are eligible, the grant will be awarded.